Is it you we are looking for?

Have you seen our work? Do you feel that you have what it takes to be able to make a difference to the lives of people living with disabilities?

The way we work is different, constantly thinking outside the box. Making a “No” into a “Yes”. Are you a qualified swimming teacher, physio therapist, personal trainer, coach or health and social professional? (Having these qualifications alone doesn’t make you ideal for what we are looking for, we expect more than just a qualification, we need people who can adapt to many different situations and have the flexibility to work with our clients).

Kris Paul Swim Fit Lab Lanzarote Disability Academy

We are here to help you. Offering coaching development and educational courses, seminars and interactive workshops anywhere in the world. All courses are conducted online LIVE, along with the opportunity to visit our training academy here in Lanzarote or on location during our development weeks.

If you feel, you have what we are looking for, then get in touch and see how we can help you to qualify to do what we do. Various background checks and assessments will take place prior to acceptance onto any development pathway through Swim Lab Academy.

Swim Lab Lanzarote and Fit Lab Lanzarote are specialists in providing aquatic development for pre existing medical conditions. Our unique approach and client specific dedicated services stand out which is why our 2019 diary is already at 90% capacity (09.05.2018).

The reason for our need for expansion is simple, we are limited with the amount of families we are able to help, and with the correct training we feel that with the right team we can offer our services wider.

Paul Kris Disability Programme

We are already in the process of building a training facility in Poland which will be incorporated into our training plan for 2019. By joining our team we will help to support you, giving you the training required to deliver disABILITY Development sessions along with marketing support, branding, advertising and access to clients.

All that is required is a good internet signal and a laptop, tablet or mobile phone which has a webcam. We have low participants on every course (giving you the most attention) and you have exclusive access to your tutor before, during and after your course completely interactively. Using our specially adapted training facility for video link through specialist software, you get to log in and join us in real time with literature to be downloaded to work on between sessions along with technical assessments that will be conducted before becoming part of our team.

beautiful thing about kopia

To discover how you can enhance your skills or begin your journey into disability coaching and teaching no matter where you are in the world. Becoming part of our family, working to assist families and make a difference no matter how small.

For more information contact us via the form below and we would be happy to assist you.



We are now FULLY BOOKED for our exciting Cerebral Palsy swim camp in August for kids. We are now releasing dates for October 2017 and February 2018. These are during half term weeks to be able to allow kids to travel out of school term time. These exciting weeks are brought to you in collaboration with Fit Lanzarote and our Foundation partners Opendoors Foundation.


CP Swimming Camp Lanzarote:

Upcoming Dates:

  • August 5th – August 12th 2017 FULLY BOOKED
  • October 21st – 28th 2017
  • February 10th – 16th 2018
  • Training Camp Cost £295
  • Accommodation & Flights Packages available from £447 (booked via our travel agents Camel Travel)
  • All coaching included with a good coach to athlete ratio
  • All ages and levels welcome (contact us if unsure)
  • Training averages 4 – 7 hours per day
  • All the family welcome to enjoy the holiday together in Lanzarote

Accommodation Options:

Non training family members are more than welcome. Our hotel is located in the resort of Costa Teguise and offers everything the discerning holiday maker would want! Non training family simply pay the flights and accommodation cost direct with our travel partners. Our Accommodation is suitable for less mobile clients.

What’s Included

• A structured activities programme throughout the week
• Daily coached pool sessions, including lane hire & pool fees
• Access to coaches for informal sessions/feedback
• Our staff on site throughout your stay should you need assistance
• Full gym facilities available on site

Coaches will be in the water during all sessions. You will also have access to our Fit Lab Lanzarote consultants should you require additional services throughout the week. Towels and drinks are provided for every session.


Our ATOL protected Travel Partners will arrange for you

• Flights
• 7 nights accommodation tailored to your budget (camp athletes are required to stay at the camp hotel)
• Transfers to and from the airport

Flight & Accommodation Packages from £447per person* based on two people sharing

(*flights & accommodation prices may vary based on departure airport & date booked)

Example Schedule


How to Book

To secure your place your full training camp fee of £295 per person is required. Upon booking we will pass your details to our travel & accommodation partners Camel Travel with whom you can discuss your accommodation and travel preferences.


Accommodation & Facilities

We’ve partnered with the Occidental Lanzarote Hotel in Costa Teguise as the base for our training camps for 2017/2018. This superb 4 star resort has a newly opened 50m, 10 lane Swimming Pool. This combined with fantastic accommodation mean you can have a truly superb training camp & holiday. Basing our camp in the hotels means that any non training family can relax and enjoy all the trappings of a regular holiday break whilst you train.


For more information about our hotels please download our pdf here: accommodation


Book Your Camp in 3 Easy Steps!

Step 1.

Reserve Your Place on the CP Swimming Camp

Step 2.

Book your accommodation & flights via our travel Partners Camel Travel who will contact you DIRECTLY after you’ve reserved your place on the camp.

Step 3.

We’ll see you in the sun!


Swimming Teachers and Coaches Disability Educational Development Courses

Are you a qualified swimming teacher or coach? Feel like you are lacking the skills to offer disability swimming lessons or coaching either sole standing or incorporated within your current teaching programme?

We are here to help you. Offering coaching development and educational courses, seminars and interactive workshops anywhere in the world. All courses are conducted online LIVE and all you require is a good internet signal and a laptop, tablet or mobile phone which has a webcam. We have a maximum of 6 participants on every course and you have exclusive access to your tutor before, during and after your course completely interactively.

beautiful thing about kopia

To discover how you can enhance your skills or begin your journey into disability coaching and teaching no matter where you are in the world. Click the link here for more information or contact us via the form below and we would be happy to assist you.


CP LANZAROTE SWIM CAMP – 2 spaces remaining

Swim Lab Lanzarote will be running the first CP Swimming camp in Lanzarote during August. Spaces are filling up fast with only 2 spaces remaining. The camp will be taking place in the fantastic Occidental Mar resort in Costa Teguise.

cp week

Participants will be receiving sessions on try land with our Strength and Conditioning coaches. Land based activities, aquatic therapy sessions and stroke development sessions. We look forward to welcoming everybody to Lanzarote for an action packed full development week.

Coming very soon will be our swimming teacher and coaches training development courses here in Lanzarote, giving you the chance to combine a holiday with educational training.



London Disability Development Week – February 2017

Yet another fantastic development week here in London. Many fantastic achievements for lots of different reasons. Unfortunately not all of our experiences this time round where positive. Disability discrimination still exists in our society. We are not going to highlight this here but will review later so you can read about “How Disability discrimination has such a large effect on the client”.

Swimming this week took place in many facilities and once again we thank all of the staff who make these weeks possible. Without your kindness and sometimes lenience our development weeks would not be a reality. Through paediatric disability consulting we constantly have to “think outside the box” and this week was no different.

Mr J, Mr H, Mr T, Miss M and Miss F are a few of our highlighted swimmers from the week.

Mr H, one of our initial development week clients is now swimming unaided with 3 competitive strokes. His training this week consisted of dry land and water exercises including stroke development for freestyle. Meeting with his swimming teacher Vanessa who made an additional trip during her busy weekend to join us and also hydro sessions with Wendy and myself. Swimming in Reeds school gives us fantastic scope to work with Mr H who is now able to swim freestyle in 45seconds for 25m that also being without his comfort wetsuit giving added buoyancy!


At the age of 7 he is already learning the key skills for competitive swimming and taking part in development galas picking up lots of medals! He already has the GBR talent squad eyeing him up but note Mr H is a Swim Lab Lanzarote swimmer! Developments this week included: fantastic core stability work, lengthening out the core and driving through the stroke feeling the propulsion!

This isn’t all, Mr H managed to start swimming Butterfly, yes that right – initially getting DQ´d by myself (Harsh you may say) this was the one and only time the arms stayed under the water on recovery so it clearly worked! Following talent spotting guidelines we are developing Mr H with not only FRS and BKS, Fly is now in the mix: Keep up the great work and we cannot wait to see you in May my little super man.


Mr T, what can we say! A newbie to Swim Lab Lanzarote but what a fantastic effort and development week he had. Combining both hydro and pool based exercises we have now developed a much stronger core, resulting in a more upright position being seen in his posture but not just in the water. Mr T takes part in a Disability Football group at dare we say it Chelsea Football Club training ground and his coaches and parents noticed a huge difference in his gait along with not falling over on the pitch which is a normal occurrence for Mr T. (I think it was practise for fake fouling in the future, only joking!). We worked in the water on all 4 competitive strokes which all showed a noticeable improvement through the week. Part of this journey is to make sure everyone is on the same page and combining the necessary skills to assist in the development of the client. There are some great coaches around who maybe just need a little assistance in getting the “outside the box approached sorted”.

Mr T had me awake until all hours because he demonstrated breast stroke in a way I was really not expecting. I have already noted this on Facebook through the week but I will say it again “Mr T and breaststroke is one to watch in the future”. The green rings by “Smovey” as with most of our development sessions made an appearance to assist with our stability work. Mr T will be incorporating these into his land based programmes with his personal trainer/s&c coach. Key factors for Mr T this week included a stronger squeeze and lift approach in all strokes and pretending to be a puppet with strings to hold us nice and tall! Mr T, keep up the great work and we look forward to see you in May with some S&C work to really help you improve. We have already seen what you are achieving in a week, what are the next few months going to have in store?

Mr J, our week didn’t quite go as planned for you this time round. However, the sessions that we did manage to have you showed how much you had remembered from last time round. Being in the water for Mr J is a great experience and gives his body the time to loosen up and release the pressure from day to day life.


We worked on floating and rotation both of which showed improvements from November. Your carer Duncan has been working really hard with you to try to remember how to stay nice and tall. Our karate is improving which have allowed you to be able show 5 complete arm strokes using karate chops with face down in the water. Unfortunately we only managed to get in the water 2 times during the development week no thanks to Tandridge Trust community pool in Oxted which is clearly not for the community. Mr J, thank you for the effort you put in this week and i look forward to helping you again very soon with a more considerate support network.

Miss M, no matter what is thrown at you, you and your family battle through unbelievably. Miss M has had sessions in Lanzarote in our resident camp along with sessions in London. This week we had the chance to work on some new skills and start to develop back stroke.

Miss M sometimes has additional battles with the water but we always get through and make fantastic improvements as you can see in the video. Going out of our depth and swimming in the deep end of the pool always a pleasure to work with and we will be seeing you very soon with your sister over in Lanzarote for a whole action packed week of development.

Miss F, despite energy levels being fairly low this week we managed to achieve 25metres swimming front crawl all on our own without any support. At the beginning of the week it didn’t look like we would be able to achieve this but in true form we worked our magic together and produced wonders.

Both Mum and Dad where able to watch as she continued to push through the length of the pool. Now we are able to do this, I think Lanzarote sunshine is waiting for you to build on these new skills and help you to progress. See you soon Miss F, I will have the rubber ring and floating seat ready for your brother too.


In conclusion, as you see above these weeks mean a great deal to the clients their development is evident and not something we can do every week of the year. These short but condensed sessions help to enhance the skills and work with consultants to build a programme to work with in between times.

They are not “swimming lessons that you can get anywhere, in fact we even train teachers and coaches to work specifically with people with additional needs. You can find out more about our teachers/coaches training academy here. As always we end by thanking the clients, carers, parents, friends and families who make these weeks possible without your support the service we provide would not happen. A special mention to all the pools that allow these children to develop. We look forward to seeing you again in May!

If you have any comments or would like to get in touch please contact us below: