Is it you we are looking for?

Have you seen our work? Do you feel that you have what it takes to be able to make a difference to the lives of people living with disabilities?

The way we work is different, constantly thinking outside the box. Making a “No” into a “Yes”. Are you a qualified swimming teacher, physio therapist, personal trainer, coach or health and social professional? (Having these qualifications alone doesn’t make you ideal for what we are looking for, we expect more than just a qualification, we need people who can adapt to many different situations and have the flexibility to work with our clients).

Kris Paul Swim Fit Lab Lanzarote Disability Academy

We are here to help you. Offering coaching development and educational courses, seminars and interactive workshops anywhere in the world. All courses are conducted online LIVE, along with the opportunity to visit our training academy here in Lanzarote or on location during our development weeks.

If you feel, you have what we are looking for, then get in touch and see how we can help you to qualify to do what we do. Various background checks and assessments will take place prior to acceptance onto any development pathway through Swim Lab Academy.

Swim Lab Lanzarote and Fit Lab Lanzarote are specialists in providing aquatic development for pre existing medical conditions. Our unique approach and client specific dedicated services stand out which is why our 2019 diary is already at 90% capacity (09.05.2018).

The reason for our need for expansion is simple, we are limited with the amount of families we are able to help, and with the correct training we feel that with the right team we can offer our services wider.

Paul Kris Disability Programme

We are already in the process of building a training facility in Poland which will be incorporated into our training plan for 2019. By joining our team we will help to support you, giving you the training required to deliver disABILITY Development sessions along with marketing support, branding, advertising and access to clients.

All that is required is a good internet signal and a laptop, tablet or mobile phone which has a webcam. We have low participants on every course (giving you the most attention) and you have exclusive access to your tutor before, during and after your course completely interactively. Using our specially adapted training facility for video link through specialist software, you get to log in and join us in real time with literature to be downloaded to work on between sessions along with technical assessments that will be conducted before becoming part of our team.

beautiful thing about kopia

To discover how you can enhance your skills or begin your journey into disability coaching and teaching no matter where you are in the world. Becoming part of our family, working to assist families and make a difference no matter how small.

For more information contact us via the form below and we would be happy to assist you.